Nancy Depcik is a nationally recognized speaker and coach who looks to spread positivity and flip the switch on negative thinking. Nancy shares with us how she went from losing everything – her business, her relationship, and her home, to flipping the switch and making the best of her situation by getting back to work and connecting to others in professional groups. Through the connections she made Nancy found a new career path, a new love and found herself in a new city – which she said she would never do. Nancy is the ultimate example of overcoming adversity to forge her way into Unshakable Success.

Meet Nancy Depcik:

As an educator, sales expert and entrepreneur, Nancy Depcik has experienced just about every challenge life can throw her way.  After achieving great success, her life took a sharp turn. 2008 brought about a recession that swallowed her business, her relationship, her home, and worst of all her self-confidence. Fighting her way back to the top, she developed a resilience that helped her recreate herself and achieve Unshakable Success®. 

Nancy is a nationally recognized speaker and coach who works with corporations and organizations to develop a positive approach to adversity. Competing in the International Speech Contest in 2016, Nancy finished in the top 100 out of 30,000 competitors.  In addition, her TEDx speech focuses on one word that can literally change your life, showing you how to see the opportunity instead of the obstacle. She is currently an adjunct professor at Madison College on the topics of communication and presentation skills

Speaking on resiliency, leadership and how to deal with the craziness that everyday life throws your way, Nancy shares techniques that are unique only to her presentation.  These are techniques you can start using today to discover your own strength and find Unshakable Success®.

In this episode:

  • Losing everything in the 2008 recession and having to start over
  • Discovering a career in public speaking
  • Steps to discovering a new path in life
  • Being mindful with our time


Connect with Nancy:

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