Lacey Steffes owner of the boutique spa, Spa Serenity is back!  Closure during Covid-19 gave Lacey an opportunity to retool and add a deeper level of services to an already extensive service menu.

This industry was already highly regulated with detailed safety and sanitation processes in place, but with the recent Covid-19 rules additional hygienic practices have been implemented including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, wiping down surfaces routinely and a multitude of safety measures procedurally all providers adhere to.

The spa industry is an extension of the ever growing wellness industry.  Services ranging from massage, esthetician services, salon, manicure & pedicure and waxing are all moving parts of this local boutique spa.

In the past, massage and mani/pedi services were a large piece of the business but skin care including anti-aging and derma facials are becoming a growing part of the proactive & preventative services within this wellness industry.  Skin care and anti-aging hydration in combination with the Eminence Organics Skin Care line play a vital part in people paying more attention to self care.

If you are considering services for the first time from any spa, start with a basic type such as a simple massage, mani or pedi. Providing accurate health information and identifying your goals with the treatment specialist is also important as the provider can help identify your point of entry
services. Having the conversation with your massage therapist will ensure you receive a service customized to your needs.

As you become more familiar with the services more advanced massages such as Hot Stone and CBD enhancements are easy add ons. If you are looking for skin improvement start with a small number of products and share with the consultant the results you are looking for which will provide them with product selections and a plan to achieve your goals.

Introduction to spa services often occurs when someone has physical ailments and is seeking alternative health options for a range of symptoms from headaches, muscle tension and inflammatory issues.

The demographic age range between 32-55 continues to be a high percentage of consumers but with the advent of the 55+ market seeing value this age range is rapidly expanding as more mature consumers see health and connectivity as valued services.

In the past, therapeutic services were the focus but as people live longer more people are taking better care of themselves the priority of being proactive and practicing preventive aging is the trend.

Wellness is more than simply spa services and as Lacey is quick to point out, now encompasses the more spiritual meaning of self care specifically with women, as they prioritize themselves, many for the first time in their lives.

Women tend to be programmed to take care of others but are now beginning to understand the importance of taking care of themselves.
With the recent Covid-19 the spa sees more people reflecting, slowing down and reconnecting and prioritizing themselves.

Lacey constantly strives personally to become a better version of herself and in the process is helping others around her. She recently started a social media platform, Impact You and has found that “putting her stuff out there,” has allowed others a safe place to express their thoughts and as a result the platform is growing and becoming a popular place of support and conversation..

Figuring out and putting our lives in perspective is a constant growth process whether you’re 29 or 69 and for most of us we are ever evolving. Often as you enter into your midlife, you move from a more fixed mindset to a more growth mindset lane. As you age, the experiences you acquire allow you to live life more fully and freely pursuing mindset and lifestyle changes that you may not have considered when you were younger.

Sunrise A New Golden Age
Morning Sunrise Yoga

Growth is not only individual but often couples experience challenges in relationships when that growth occurs. With this in mind, couple reconnection services have become so popular that the spa is expanding in this area.

Creating a place to re-engage at a more intimate emotional level in relationships as part of a date night or weekend getaway in a spa environment provides a safe space and part of the next level of meeting the consumers needs.

In addition to couple reconnection services the spa is seeing other groups such as multigenerational, college classmates and family events filling afternoons of services as people re-engage in those relationships.
One of the most important reconnections Lacey sees are those who are connecting with themselves as individuals. Growth continues throughout our lives and as we mature, understanding those thoughts and emotions stirring inside help us bring relevance and direction with self care being an instrumental in understanding and processing this new perspective.

Identifying these trends and seeing a need for enhanced services Lacey has both a professional and personal perspective as she is doing a bit of “Untangling” herself.

Turning the corner into her midlife I asked to reflect where she is headed and she replied she is in the process of “Untangling” some of her past in order to go forward. Part of that evolution of her journey is to make conscious, thoughtful choices because she wants to and which resonate with her……“just because I can do it doesn’t mean I should do it.”

“Having more control over my future than I have in the past, living life intentionally and being balanced and happy by measuring actions against outcomes,” now that’s a good life.