Jean made a guest appearance on the Adaptable Entrepreneurs Facebook Live show with Business Reimagineer Lisa Kipps-Brown.

Learn how the 50+ community can find current information for those of us living or wanting to live active and vibrant lives and what we really want!  Defining the important primary lifestyle areas of health, finances, family, community and purpose can allow you to begin changing or improving your thinking.

In this episode: 

A New Golden Age was created to help you live the life you imagined, getting you thinking, inspired and helping you initiate those big dreams.

Listen in to our FB Live Interview with Lisa Kipps-Brown as she interviews host and founder of A New Golden Age, Jean Latham as we talk the talk on fitness, finance, family and purpose.

Overcome obstacles, create a new sense of purpose or career, improve relationships and kickstart your view on wellness.

Get practical ideas and insight as you design how and where to live, work and play in the 2nd half of life creating a lifestyle which allows you to keep active in mind and body and engaged in life!

Meet Jean Latham

Having lived and worked in small towns and big cities it was time to come home.

Elderly parents, growing grandchildren, adult kids that still needed me and (most importantly) realizing that I had never truly followed what I was passionate about… unfinished dreams, big ideas, wishing I were healthier, had better relationships, more financially secure, I realized I was certainly not alone in this new space and that I had so much left, yet to do.

Meet Jean at 58 who launched a podcast with no digital or media background but simply the desire to do something impactful, purpose driven that would improve the lives of others.

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  • Boomer Cashout:  Increase Your Business Value & Marketability to Sell For Retirement 

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