After being a librarian for 20 years, moving to a new city going back to school and finding a new career in teaching and becoming the sales forces for a publication only to have that close Mary, at the age of 62, walked out of her office for the last time wondering what she was going to do next knowing that she wasn’t done yet. After asking herself “Did it matter?” she began to reinvent herself. Mary Helen is the Chief Creative Officer of Life’s A Daring Adventure, best-selling author and inspirational speaker and life coach. 

Meet Mary Helen Conroy:

Mary Helen Conroy, Chief Creative Officer of Life’s a Daring Adventure is a bestselling author and inspirational speaker.Her life coaching signature program of Review, Retreat and ReInvent has assisted countless clients in recreating their lives. Her own reinventions include a career as a public library administrator, a sales executive for the publication Women in Higher Education and adjunct professor for Cardinal Stritch University in the areas of team and change management.  She holds a Masters in Library Science and is ABD in the area of Adult Education. Join Mary Helen as she inspires you to (re)ignite your dreams and passions, and discover how to live a life of daring adventure.

Regardless of what she’s working on, her goal is to remind folks that life is a daring adventure and they’re not done yet!

In this episode:

  • Mary shares the journey of reinventing herself after her career ended 
  • Finding your purpose after a life change 
  • How to make life exciting again


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