With golf courses in full swing it may be one of the few sports that the Covid-19 pandemic has not altered dramatically.  Participation in the game has seen a resurgence of interest by all ages and the value of this sport is undeniable.   Engaging in a social sport, physical activity and practicing social distancing may prove to be the perfect 2020 summer game.

Meet Doug Hollandsworth:

Doug Hollandsworth has lived within the world of golfing for much of his professional career and personal life. 

As President/CEO of The Georgia Golf Trail and Georgia Golf & Travel Doug built his career and companies in the hospitality industry, specializing in the golf marketing/PR and media business for over 25 years.

His work has taken him throughout the U.S., marketing different projects, events and charity programs to benefit the game of golf.

He has hosted and produced the #1 golf radio talk-show in the southeast ‘The Golf Show” for over eight years, published GolfLife Magazine and hosted “Golf Southern Style,” a syndicated TV show about golf in the South for a number of years.  Doug is also currently writing a book on Southeastern travels called “Sweet Tea Travels” which will be available later this year.

In this episode:

The game of golf is more than just a game.  Golf keeps your mind and body moving at any age. Beyond the mental and physical aspects of the game it’s travel, nature, food and drink, comradery and multigenerational connections with no advanced skill set requirements. 

Keeping your mind and body active plays an integral part of maintaining a life well lived.

Golf provides major benefits to keeping us physically and mentally fit, keeping our bodies healthy and mind focused through the mental aspect of the game.  While golf does not require you to be in top shape to participate, the physical actions of golf might just get you there by walking, stretching and bending which are all part of the game.  Golf activates various parts of the brain as you navigate distance, depth and body placement keeping your mind mentally sharp. 

Whether you are a beginner, novice or exceptional anyone can enjoy the game equally and whether you are 5 or 75 playing the game of golf can be enjoyed together with no age limitations.  

With golfing season in full swing it may be one of the few sports that the Covid-19 pandemic has not altered dramatically.  Participation in the game has seen a resurgence of interest by all ages and the value of this sport is undeniable.  This great opportunity to be active and still practice social distancing may prove to be the perfect game in the current climate of health concerns.

Golfing is more than just the game.  It encompasses not only the golf courses but resorts, restaurants and tourism attractions people frequent when traveling to play golf.  Georgia has it all, from the mountains to the coast, great cities, nature and entertainment. The southern charm and beauty attracts all ages and whether you are traveling to metropolitan Atlanta, charming Savannah or somewhere in between Georgia is a state well worth checking out as a travel destination adventure.  

Golf nationally has always been a spring/summer favorite and with the courses opening across the nation, the industry is gearing up and optimistic the summer season may prove to be a winner.

Georgia’s longtime love of golf is steeped in tradition and is home to many great golf tournaments annually including golf’s major event in the U.S., the Masters Tournament held every year in April (this year has been rescheduled to November) and many other major tour championships.  

While the major events bring attention to the industry no matter what level of skill set you have, golf is a game that anyone can have a good time regardless of your abilities.

Golf is also a game that can be played independently, in groups or pairs with no age requirement.  You can walk or drive and can be played with friends, family or business associates.

It creates a sense of connection, teaches etiquette, life skills and is a relaxing experience being outside and enjoying stunning scenery and vistas.

With the numerous golf opportunities around the country, travelling locally fits the bill for many of us who may not be quite yet comfortable flying or participating in activities where there are crowds of people.  Road trips, day trips and remaining in your local community seem to be in the summer 2020 travel predictions.

If you are not a golfer and thinking you might be interested in learning more about the game of golf, buy some used clubs, grab a few lessons from a golf professional at a local club and learn the basics.   If money is a concern there are many ways to affordably golf.  Many golf courses offer deals during lower tee times and promote specials and events throughout the season.

Georgia Golf and Travel are seeing great deals at affordable prices and if you have never played before this may be your perfect opportunity to head to a local driving range, rent some clubs and try it out.  For a different type of golf experience check out Top Golf, an entertainment based golf facility for a group experience located in major metropolitan communities in the U.S.

Golfing provides ample opportunity to give back to your community and if you are an experienced golfer getting involved through mentoring programs through the PGA and LPGA gives players the opportunity to mentor younger golfers. 

American Junior Golf and Drive Chip and Putt are a few in Georgia to check out or check your local courses for programs they may offer.  Giving back has so many benefits no matter what the age, golf gives back in so many ways.  Charity also plays a huge role in supporting local and national foundations and organizations and on any given day golf courses around the country host fundraisers and events where the proceeds go to both local and national causes. 

These events bring people closer together by connecting us through a unified purpose and is an amazingly fun atmosphere that does your heart good to know you are contributing to an important cause.

Golf is truly a passion for many and obvious Doug’s love of the game is lifelong, lifestyle commitment.

When I asked Doug what he thought was in store for his future he summed up his thoughts in a few concise words…..

“I want to do bigger things to help others” and that says it all.

Golf is a game that gets in your blood.  

Once you are in, you are probably in for life. 

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