Beth Reanee traded in her city life and corporate job for her grandparent’s farm and a new business. It all started with a conversation on a trip in Mexico. She sold everything and chased after her dream of a simpler life. Beth shares how she has revamped the family farm for events, life in small-town USA and the importance of plugging yourself into the local community around you.

Meet Beth:

Just a ladeeee, a Midwestie at heart and one that has had an amazing life….both challenging and fabulous. From a career perspective, I’ve worked in fashion advertising, travelled the world as a motion content Producer and have gone from sitting on a production set with people like Vera Wang/Jennifer Lopez to sitting on a John Deere mower in the countryside….I have had an amazing career. Personally, I am a lover and believer in leading the best life possible. Always a “yes” person….and what a life it’s been! In general, I’d check these boxes to describe myself: Happy Risktaker Humorous or Smart Funny Entrepreneur Brave Scared…(being scared makes you work harder to succeed) Sorta Smart Genuine & Kindhearted Most of all, I’m consistent I live the motto, “treat the cleaning crew the same as the celebrity or CEO….everyone matters” if you shift gears based on who enters the room…’re not being real; I give 110% of my “real self” to everyone. 

In this episode:

  • Beth’s life defining moment
  • Reinventing life and “retirement”
  • Life in small town USA


Connect with Beth: 

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