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A New Golden Age is a podcast and community for anyone designing how and where to live, work and play in the second half of life!

Listen in, as we keep it real through entertaining, informative & powerful lifestyle conversations trending in travel, career & retirement, health & wellness, family, relationships, community, technology and so much more.

Every Tuesday hear from our guests who walk-the-walk and talk the talk, as we uncover lifestyle choices that will kickstart your new view.

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Enlighten & open your mind to new possibilities & follow dreams you may think are impossible.

If you have a vision and yearn to do and be more, our culture will inspire and light the fire. AND If you are already living a vibrant life we want to help make it even better!

Regardless of why you are here, the important thing is, you are here. Our mission is to help you grow, excel in your life plan and give you tactical advice on how to get where you want to be.


Show up and shine and create a lifestyle that is as vibrant and exceptional as you!

Lisa Kipps-Brown Live Interview with Jean Latham

Lisa Kipps-Brown Live Interview with Jean Latham

Jean made a guest appearance on the Adaptable Entrepreneurs Facebook Live show with Business Reimagineer Lisa Kipps-Brown. Learn how the 50+ community can find current information for those of us living or wanting to live active and vibrant lives and what we really...

Retirement Relationship Strategy:  Single or Married

Retirement Relationship Strategy: Single or Married

Your relationship view tends to begin to look differently in the second half of life? There is nothing like a 3 month lockdown to decide if you love the one you are with or if you are single, are you ok if you are not in or may never be in a couple relationship? In...

Live, Work Play, Connect with Jean Latham

Live, Work Play, Connect with Jean Latham

Let’s get to it!  We are going solo once a month to discuss the most current live, work, play lifestyle short versions on topics and conversations trending right now.This week listen in as we discuss Homes Sale Trends, Pre-Retiree Phenomenon and 2020 Summer...

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It’s Not Too Late To Follow Your Dreams!

You spend more time in your business than anything else in life but probably just built it by following what others are doing. Instead, designing your business to fit your desired lifestyle makes it more likely you’ll have a unique business that attracts the exact clients you want to work with. Plus you’ll enjoy it more! 

Or, what about starting that business you’ve always dreamed of?

Guesting on the Adaptable Entrepreneurs Facebook Live show, I talk with Lisa Kipps-Brown about following the dreams that you thought might not be possible.