Welcome to A New Golden Age!

A New Golden Age is a podcast and community for anyone designing how and where to live, work and play in the second half of life!

Listen in, as we keep it real through entertaining, informative & powerful lifestyle conversations trending in travel, career & retirement, health & wellness, family, relationships, community, technology and so much more.

Every Tuesday hear from our guests who walk-the-walk and talk the talk, as we uncover lifestyle choices that will kickstart your new view.

Our Mission


A New Golden Age was created to give people the tools and ideas to make positive and lasting change in their lives. We believe that regardless of your age, you have the ability to create the kind of life you may have only simply envisioned.

We do this by providing exceptional podcast content that inspires and informs our audience so that they can become the very best version of themselves.

You know that saying, “your never too old to,” well here’s your opportunity to put words into action!

Our Content


Our content will enlighten and open your mind to the lifestyle possibilities, that will improve your life and compel you to follow those dreams that you thought might not be possible.

The foundation of our culture is to inspire and light the fire for those who have a vision and yearn to do more and be more. AND If you are already living a vibrant life we want to make it even better!

Regardless of why you are here, the important thing is, you are here. Our mission is to help you grow, excel in your life plan and give you tactical advice on how to get there.

So here’s your chance to show up and shine and create a lifestyle that is as vibrant and exceptional as you!